A Little boy asked his Mom How does Sperms get into the women

a mom of an 8-year-old boy is awaiting

her son’s arrival from school as he runs

in he says he needs to talk to her about making

babies he claims he knows about the

development of a fetus but doesn’t

understand the answer to the million dollar

question namely how does the sperm get

into the woman the mom asks the boy what

he thinks the answer is the boy says

that the sperm is manufactured in the

man’s stomach Rises up to his chest then

throat and into his mouth where he then

kisses a woman and deposits the sperm

into her mouth the mom tells her boy

that it is a good guess but it’s wrong

she gives him a Hint by telling him that

the sperm comes out of the man’s penis

suddenly the boy’s face becomes quite

red and he says you mean you put your

mouth on that thing

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