A guy goes into a br0thel and want something K!NKY

a guy goes into a brothel and

says to the Madame I want something

kinky so she takes him to a room with a

barewood floor and a tiny light bulb

hanging on a string in the middle is a

milk crate with a chicken sitting on it

guy says are you serious Madam says

you’ve already paid I don’t care what

you do take it or leave it so he decides

to go for it he has a great time the

bird is clucking flapping its wings

flailing its legs and the guy is loving

it he goes back a few days later and

asks for the same Madam says that room

is booked solid today but I have

something else you’ll like she takes him

to a room where there’s a bunch of

people sitting around a two-way mirror

on the other side of it is a huge woman

only orgy with whips chains shaving

cream and toys everywhere guy sits down

and says wow this is amazing old man

next to him replies you think this is

amazing last week there was a guy in

there screwing a chicken

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