A group of military officers are sitting around discussing how much work and fun is involved in having s*x.

First the lieutenant says, “Having s*x is about 80% fun and 20% work.”

Then captain replies, “No, there’s more work involved than that. I would say that it’s 60% fun and 40% work.”

The major chimes in, “No, having s*x is definitely way more work than that. I would say that it’s 20% fun and 80% work.”

As the discussion continued on, a private suddenly walked by the room.

The officers call the private over, explain the situation and ask for his opinion.

The private quickly replies, “Gentlemen, having s*x must be 100% fun.”

One of the officers asks, “Well how did you come to that conclusion so easily?”

The private says, “Very simple, Sir. If there was any work involved you guys would have me doing it for you.”

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