A group of Boeing Employees are sitting on a Plane

The pilot comes on over the intercom and says “Folks, we’re pleased to have you flying with us on our brand new 737, fresh from our good friends at Boeing!”

Immediately, the Boeing employees all scramble to get out of their seats and off the plane as quickly as possible. It’s utter pandemonium in the aisles as everyone starts to panic. Everyone, that is, except for one old man, who remains sitting in his seat, quiet and unbothered.

A junior executive looks at the old man and says “Didn’t you hear the announcement? If we don’t get off now, this plane might fall apart mid-air!”

The old man says “Sir, I’ve been an engineer at Boeing for over 30 years. I’ve been there through all of the ups and downs, the cost-cutting and outsourcing, the bad times and the good. And if I know how this company operates today, I can say with absolute certainty there’s no chance this plane will even leave the ground!”

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