A Farmer’s Daughter got Pregnant

a farmer drove over to his neighbor’s

house and knocked on the door a boy

about 9 opened the door is your mom or

dad home the farmer asked the boy no

they went into town the boy replied well

how about your brother Howard the farmer

asked no he went with Mom and Dad the

boy said the farmer stood there for a

minute shifting from one foot to another

and mumbling when the boy says I know

where the tools are if you need to

borrow one or I could give my dad a

message for you well the farmer said

uncomfortably I wanted to talk to your

dad about your brother Howard getting my

daughter pregnant the boy thought for a

moment then said you’ll have to talk to

my dad about that I know he charges

$500 for the bowls and

$150 for the pigs but I have no idea

how much he charges for how

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