A Man with no arms or legs meet three women on Beach

a man sat on a towel on a beach

he had no arms or legs three women

walked past and felt sorry for him one

said you ever had a hug he said no so

she hugged him and walked on the second

one asked you ever had a kiss he said no

so she kissed him and walked on the

third one asked you ever been screwed he

said no as his eyes lit up she said you

will be when the tide comes

in so a blonde wants to send a message

to her mother

overseas the man told her it would cost

$300 I don’t have

$300 said the blonde but I’ll do

anything to get a message to my mother

anything said the man yes

anything said the blonde follow me said

the man now get down on your knees pull

down my zip and gently take out my

Willie she reached in and gently held it

with her both hands the man closed his

eyes and said well go ahead the blonde

slowly brought her mouth closer holding

it close to her lips and whispered hello

Mom can you hear me

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