4 mothers talk about how succesfull their kids are…

The first one starts. “My little boy is a really succesfull doctor. He and his girlfriend will go on a 1 month vacation in Europe next week.”

The second mother goes: “Thats nothing. My boy is a succesfull lawyer and just bought his girlfriend a new Aston Martin.”

The third mother goes: ” Thats still nothing, my boy is a very good banker and he bought his girlfriend a new beachhouse last month and he let her choose all the furniture with no limits.”

Full of expectation they look at the last mother.

She sighs and goes: “Sadly my girl just works at a bar and keeps relationships with multiple men at a time. But they give her a lot of gifts.”

In this moment, a beautifull girl pulls up to them in an new Aston Martin. She lets down the window and starts talking to the last mother.

” Hey mum nice seeing you. I just wanted to ask if could you please take care of the beachhouse next month? I still expect a lot of furniture deliveries and I’ll be on vacation to Europe for the whole month.”

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