Woman Adopts 4 Girls But Birth Mom Wants Them Back, Then Gets Call That Changes Their Lives

She had just about decided to give up the daughters she had adopted when she received a call that would forever alter their life. No matter which side of the adoption process you’re on, as many of us already know, it’s a challenging one.
There are several requirements for parents who want to adopt, as well as personal sacrifices needed to have one’s house ready for kids. Even more challenging is the process for the real children in the system. Children may question whether they will ever be adopted on a daily basis. Even more unsettling is the possibility that, if they have siblings, the adoption procedure will separate them from one another.

These were the issues at stake in a recent Fresno, California, tale. Everything began when Lacey Dunkin made the decision that she wanted to be a mother.
Dunkin had made a rather solid decision that she wanted to take care of children and nurture them as her own, despite being just 25 and single. She completed all the requirements to become certified to adopt in order to get started. A young mother seeking a foster home called with an urgent message shortly after that.

Dunkin would have to take in four girls collectively, so there was a catch. The phone call undoubtedly surprised Dunkin, but not enough to reject it. According to Dunkin, she was forced to respond by something that overcame her:

“I can’t explain to you why I was so moved to accept, but I did. And I didn’t even think about separating them. To me, it was all or nothing. After a short while, Lacey and the girls were all getting along like old friends.

However, there were a few more hiccups along the way for Dunkin.
The biological mother regained custody of the girls after they had lived with Dunkin for nine months, and she planned to take them back home along with a fifth daughter who had recently been born. Despite Dunkin’s anger, the birth mother called her again a month later:

“She asked if I would accept all five when she called. I affirmed right away. Unexpectedly, the birth mother also had a further daughter who Dunkin later adopted.

Sophie, the twins Natalie and Melanie, Kaylee, Lea, and Cecily are all part of Dunkin’s large, happy family. Dunkin was able to fulfil her desire and maintain a sizable foster family thanks to her contributions. Even though the adoption process might be challenging, tales like this one demonstrate that even the most terrifying situations can end happily.


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