Kaya Scodelario reveals director asked her to bare all to win film part

Even though the movie didn’t feature n-d-ty, Kaya Scodelario described how a director she was interviewing for promised the role to whoever agreed to go n-k-d first.

The Skins star opened up about her experiences in the business in a series of tweets, and she raised concerns that young actors have been socialised to believe that how well their bodies look determines how effective they are as actors.

Scodelario claimed that for one audition, all she had to do was str-p, and for another, a director told her and another actress that the part would go to whichever one agreed to go fully n-de first.

I had a job tryout a few years ago, she tweeted. She only needs to enter, it stated. Remove her clothing, that’s all. I was in fear.

“Thank goodness, I had an agent who quickly informed me that this was not going to happen. This film was significant. huge of a director. an enormous “opportunity.”

The 29-year-old Scodelario continued, “Different casting between myself and another actress. Both actors put forth a lot of effort and again auditioned in an effort to impress this extremely picky director.

“Whoever agrees to go n-de first gets the job,” he said in an email to our agents.

“There was no n-d-ty in the film. He was just interested in who would accept.

According to the celebrity, “MANY, MANY young actors do not have the safety net of a devoted agent to guard them.”

They’ll believe it’s commonplace for an actress’s value to be determined by the shape of her body, she predicted.

“Based on how much skin they are willing to expose.

“This is what we have been trained to believe,”

Scodelario claimed that after tweeting about her experiences, she was likely to feel “scared.”

You know what’s f*****, right?”

“I’m going to have worry when I wake up in the morning about tweeting. Even if I’ve avoided using names. I’ll still experience fear.

“The ladies who come forward in a fearless way are amazing. You all inspire amazement in me.

“I’m grateful. I appreciate it.

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