When man hire a Ho0ker from casino..

Two guys win big in a casino and one
wants to hire a h00ker.
They’re not familiar with the area
so they’re not sure how this works.
After hours of random searching they
finally find a pretty stunning blonde.
So the one guy says to his friend that
he’ll catch up with him tomorrow so he
can leave his friend to do the deed with
the hooker.
The next day, his friend wants to hear the
He tells him, “She charged me $300 for the
night. $150 for a bl*wj*b and $150 for

His friend interrupts, “What?

That’s an expensive bl*wj*b.

And $150 for the pu$$y.?”

The guy says, “well, turns out it was

actually a dude so no pu$$y.

I was h*rny as hell, so $150 for @n@l.”

His friend says, “Wow, was it worth it?”

He responds, “Yeah. It was great. My @sshole still
hurts a lot but completely worth it. “

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