Viral Photos That Everyone Thought Were Real, But Are Actually Fake

Through the years, technology has helped us achieve amazing things. Many aspects of our life have been made easier, but we are also more likely to believe things that are false than they once were. Photoshopped images are only one example of how today’s editing software has produced a convincing illusion that fools even the most experienced observers. Here are some of the recent popular viral images along with their original forms; bet you had no idea they were complete fakes!

MGM’s Amazing Opening Image Was Never Real

This image was circulated on social media for a while under the guise of a behind-the-scenes shot of MGM’s introduction. Many individuals absolutely believed the snapshot to be true since it was convincing. The image displayed a lion that was attached to a device in order to produce the iconic roar that would open every MGM movie or animated short. While this image does not accurately capture the events that led to the introduction’s iconic nature, it does show an actual lion restrained in a veterinary clinic.

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