Bizarre People Spotted On The Subway That Will Make You Rethink Taking Public Transportation

It’s a very other world down there, as anyone who rides the subway can attest. The individuals you run with on the metro are quirky, cool, and downright eccentric, from animals in bags to people dressed in odd costumes. There is a significant probability that if you frequently take the train to and from work, you have probably seen individuals who caught your eye right away. After viewing what happens underground when you enter the city’s subterranean, you might want to think twice about taking a walk to work.

Darth Vader vs. Batman: Who Will Win?

The force is powerful in this image, and we believe Darth Vader would prevail in this conflict. So, who are you supporting? What would you think if they combined the Star Wars universe with DC’s Batman?

Batman Vs. Darth Vader... Who Will Win?

Going Downtown To The Satanist Convention Casually

One of the reasons we won’t use public transportation is as follows. Perhaps he is attending Satan-Con, or perhaps this is how he appears in the morning before drinking his first cup of coffee.

Casually Going To The Satanist Convention Downtown

Smuggler of cats

The woman’s expression is asking, “Wanna purchase a kitty?” This image was captured on a Moscow train, where animals are expressly prohibited.

Cat Smuggler

Pit Bag

The owner of this pit bull trained him to calmly sit in a little bag since the New York City subway system forbids dogs unless they are in a carrier or bag.

Pit Bag

Cut it out, lady!

She had to work late, so we felt bad for her. She was too worn out to make dinner for herself at home. She started supper prep on the metro with barely any time to spare.

Hey Lady, Cut It Out!

Let’s Discuss This Outfit Choice

She might be a cook in a restaurant in midtown. That would make sense given that she had to come up with a solution when she realised she was out of hairnets. She knew how to take advantage of the law and used a lettuce leaf as a temporary hairnet to cover her head.

Lettuce Talk About This Fashion Choice

Vegetarian Pikachu

This is what happens when you have to capture them all. Perhaps Pikachu decided Ash was enough and ate him.

Carnivorous Pikachu

A Young Girl And Her Adorable Pet Raven

Why else would this girl have a raven? She must be travelling to an Edgar Allen Poe gathering. Although the green purse seems out of place with her outfit, she looks amazing.

Just A Girl And Her Beloved Pet Raven


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