Two Young Boys were Playing when they saw Lady Bathing .

one day there were two boys playing by a stream one of the young boys saw a bush

and went over to it the other boy couldn’t figure out why his friend was

at the bush for so long the other boy went over to the bush and

looked the two boys were looking at a woman bathing naked in his dream all of

a sudden the second boy took off running the first boy couldn’t understand why he

ran away so he took off after his friend finally he cut up to him and asked why

he ran away the boy said to his friend my mom told me if I ever saw a naked

lady I would turn to Stone and I felt something getting hard so I ran

a little boy CAU his mom and dad making love after he asked what were you and

Daddy doing the mom said we were baking a cake a few days later the little boy

asked his mom were you and Daddy baking a cake she said yes and asked him how

he knew he answered because I lick the frosting off the couch.

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