Thibodeaux and Boudreaux are out of jobs.

The sugar cane season is over and Thibodeaux and Boudreaux are out of jobs.

So they go to the unemployment office. Boudreaux goes first. The lady behind the desk asks him what skills he has so Boudreaux says, “I pilot.” The lady says, “Wonderful. We have lots of openings for pilots. That skillset is in high demand. We can get you a job that pays well.” She hands him some paperwork and sends him to an empty desk to fill it out, then calls Thibodeaux over.

“What skills do you have?”

“I cut sugar cane.”

“Do you have any other skills? Can you operate machinery or do anything else.”

“Nope. I cut sugar cane. I’m the best sugar cane cutter in South Louisiana.”

“Yeah, but sugar cane season is over. If you can’t do anything else we can’t find another job for you.”

“Why dontcha just give me a job like what you just gave ole Boudreaux over there.”

“He has skills that are in high demand. He’s a pilot.”

“Mais cher, I don’t understand. He can’t pile it til I cut it.”

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