The Farmer saw a group of young women in his Pond

an elderly man had owned a large farm in

Louisiana for many years right at the

back of the farm there was a large pound

ideal for swimming the old farmer had

fixed it up nicely with picnic tables

horseshoe carts and some apple and peach

trees one evening the farmer decided to

go down to the pound to look it over as

he hadn’t been there for a while before

setting off he grabbed a 5 gallon bucket

intending to bring back some fruit as he

neared the pond he could hear voices

shouting and laughing with joy it was

clear that someone was having a good

time approaching the farmer saw a group

of young wom skinny dipping in his pound

upon noticing him they all swam to the

far end trying to cover up one woman

then shot shouted we are not coming out

until you leave Mister the farmer calmly

responded ladies I didn’t come down here

to watch you swim next or to make you

get out of the pound with a mischievous

smile he held up his bucket and added I

just come down here to feed the alligators

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