The biggest d!ck of Brazil

In Brazil, there’s a legend about a guy from Pernambuco (a brazilian state) famous for two things. First, he’s the biggest patriot of his land, fiercely proud of its culture and flag. The second reason is his gigantic pen!s. So grand, in fact, that he decided to tattoo a message along the hefty shaft of the organ. His friends, with a mix of jest and curiosity, immediately went:

“Come on, you’ve got to show us!” After some persuasion, he gives in, “Alright, alright, I’ll show it.”

He unzips his pants, and from the fly unfurls that meaty staff, rolling out onto the table: A tattoo with bold, large letters proclaiming: “Welcome to Nabuco.”

Stunned, his friends, bewildered, exclaim, “Damn! That’s not a human d!ck, that belongs on a horse!”

“But wait,” interrupts one, scratching his head, “what the hell is ‘Nabuco’? Never heard of it.”

With a grin, the man explains, “Ah, you see, i am a little nervous, it’s limp, wrinkled, and shrunken.” He stretches the skin. “When it’s in its on its peak form, it proudly reads: ‘Welcome to the glorious state of Pernambuco’.”

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