Sophie Turner Says She Learned What Oral S-x Was From a Game of Thrones’ Script

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, sat down with the Times magazine and opened up candidly about growing of age on the set of the popular series. She claims that the show’s explicit (and frequently objectionable) s*x scenes were her own take on s*x education.

“I read the screenplay for the first time, and that’s how I first learned about oral s*x. I thought, “Wow! People act in that way? That’s amazing, she exclaimed. That, I suppose, was my s*x education.


Sophie also talked openly about how she first became aware of the effects of sexual assault following the filming of a rape scene. Ramsay Bolton sexually assaulted her character in the fifth season of the HBO programme. She was frank in her discussion of the event and its effects.

“I was really blasé about the whole situation because sexual assault hadn’t harmed me or anyone I knew, she added. “So naively. After I finished filming the scene, there was a great outcry over how we had represented it on television.”

“My first reaction was like, maybe we shouldn’t have put that on TV at all,” she continued.

She does, however, now think that the violence portrayed in the show is beneficial.

“The more we discuss sexual assault, the better; screw the people who think we shouldn’t air this on TV and screw the people who say they’re going to stop watching the programme because of it, she added.

“This kind of stuff used to happen and still happens today. If we continue to treat it as such a taboo and precious subject, how will individuals have the courage to come forward and feel at ease disclosing that this has occurred to them?” Turner declared.

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