Selma Blair Shares Her Struggle with Multiple Sclerosis: ‘I Was Told to Make Plans for Dying’

During Selma Blair’s fight with multiple sclerosis, she was advised to “prepare plans for dying” (MS).

The Cruel Intentions actress was given the degenerative diagnosis in 2018 and underwent a dangerous stem cell transplant in 2019 that required her to cease taking her medications, go through chemotherapy, and spend several weeks in isolation in a hospital.

Selma Blair described the procedure in a trailer for her newest documentary, Introducing, in which she also provided quotes: “Options were exhausted. The only thing that will possibly help me is a stem cell transplant.

I was advised to prepare for death.

Not because I have MS, but rather because I battle MS.”

Although she was concerned that her mother would have been “horrified” by her candour about her sickness, the 49-year-old actress believes as though the documentary has given her her “first genuine leading ‘part'”.

“Honestly, [this is] my first actual starring ‘part,'” she admitted to Vanity Fair.

“How I behaved in front of the camera would horrify my adored mother. She would scream, “Abhorrent!”

Selma blair aspires for the documentary to educate and uplift viewers.

She uttered: “I firmly believed that I had something to offer. You continue looking for tools while closing doors or opening windows. I hope that someone in need may find some comfort, amusement, or a greater understanding of themselves through my small life. I hope the movie demonstrates how MS can vary.

that each person has unique talents and shortcomings. The emotions of life in general make recovery unpredictable. For everyone.

The documentary, in the opinion of Selma blair director Rachel Fleit, who also suffers from an autoimmune disorder, demonstrates how much of a “star” Selma blair is.

“She has felt like a supporting actress,” she added. However, she earns a role in a movie. She discovers a completely new meaning for her existence and totally accepts who she is. She now motivates millions. She has a sizable social media following. She is just such a star, as is evident throughout the movie.

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