Sarah Chalke has ‘little panic attack’ after getting stuck in elevator

This past weekend saw the Scrubs cast reunion, but one of the show’s biggest stars almost didn’t make it.

Actress Sarah Chalke, 45, has spoken out about the ordeal she went through getting to the gathering and said she didn’t know she was claustrophobic until it happened.
At the ATX TV Festival in Austin on Saturday, the celebrity acknowledged her panic after becoming stranded in an elevator.


At the reunion on Sunday, she revealed to the cheering throng that she had been trapped for almost five minutes. “What an ordinary voyage, I do not have a travel story,” she said as she boarded the elevator to greet everyone. But as soon as I got in, the elevator became stuck.

She admitted that she had a “small panic attack” and was unsure of how to leave the room, so she opted to FaceTime Zach Braff and Donald Faison, two of her co-stars.
I’m caught in the elevator, get me out of here, I don’t think I’ll do well in this circumstance, I was like, she said.

Therefore, Zach asks, “What elevator are you in? I’m thinking, “I dunno!”

The moment I begin pressing the buttons, they all begin to light up. I then use the phone at the front desk, and the receptionist asks, “You’re stranded on level 11?” The elevator only has five floors! What is occurring at this moment?

When prodded by her cast mates to elaborate on how they attempted to calm her down, she added: “I had to calm down because, up until that point, I had no idea that I was claustrophobic.

“I needed to resume listening to the audio because I experienced a little panic attack. The podcast of Dax Shepard. You were listening to my doppelgänger? Zach asked as we were out to supper.

Of all the podcasts in the world, she settles down by listening to Dax Shepard’s, Zach jokingly interjected.

Sarah is “notorious for escapades,” according to co-star John C. McGinley, who previously told Page Six that she is “the one loveliest person on the planet,” despite this.

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