Gillian Anderson says she’s hates wearing br@s — ‘I don’t care if my bre@sts reach my belly button’

“I’m not wearing a br@ anymore,” gillian Anderson declares to her admirers, adding, “I don’t care if my bre@sts reach my belly button.”
“The actress from “The Crown” admitted to her followers during a live Instagram Q&A session that she no longer wears a br@. I’m unable to wear a br@. Sorry, I’m not wearing a br@ anymore, it doesn’t matter if I reach my belly button or my bre@sts do.”
The American-British actress concluded by giving the undergarment a disapproving assessment, declaring: “It’s simply too f**king uncomfortable.”

Many of her followers responded to her statement on social media, with one tweet becoming viral that read: “If two-time Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress Gillian Anderson says no more br@s, who are we to disagree?”
“I applaud Gillian Anderson’s attitude toward sagging bre@sts — it highlights our love-hate relationship with an item of clothing that is supposedly good for us, without necessarily being good to us,” wrote writer and social activist Nicky Clark in an opinion piece for the British newspaper The Independent.
Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s “The Crown” earned her a Golden Globe earlier this year for best supporting actress in a TV series.

She also frequently exhibits a carefree attitude toward the human form. The use of the hashtags #PenisoftheDay and #BoobiesoftheDay in Anderson’s Instagram posts is well known among her followers.
Eleanor Roosevelt will be portrayed by her in the upcoming Showtime series “The First Lady.”

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