Plastic Surgery job didn’t go as Planned

Look, you are free to move your body however you like. Your body, your decision. And it’s absolutely fine if some people decide to have surgery to change and alter their appearance. Go ahead, boo! However, before you decide to do so, be sure to conduct adequate research to find a certified and experienced doctor to handle the task.
Here are 10 instances of cosmetic procedures that didn’t quite work out. And if you enjoy this appearance? That’s alright too!

10.Jawline Plastic Surgery

This unfortunate girl seems to be trying to combine Bella Hadid, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox into one person. The lips and cheekbones may be a bit overdone. The accentuated features of Bella’s cheekbones, Angelina’s jawline, and Megan’s nose demonstrate why people are, well, people.

9.Baloon Lips Plastic Surgery

Check out those brows. Actually, if you don’t look past the lips, you’ll miss them.

8.Poor Surgeon

Looks like this surgeon had preformed surgery on himself and went wrong. So, what exactly are you anticipating? He created paintings based on his own face. Some could describe the outcomes as jaw-dropping.

7.Thoughts: That nose Job

Well, she offers me treats, but I’m not sure whether it’s the same person, the dog seems to be saying.

6.Another Failed Lips Job

Looks like her tattoo job is way better than her lips job.

5.Something is not right.

Plastic surgery is so plainly visible. I’m curious as to how she appeared before to all of the visible modifications. Well, all that matters is that she appears to be extremely happy.


Yes, doctor, please insert a grapefruit under each arm. They actually appear to be on the verge of bursting! Thankfully, they both appear to truly be letting them.

3.Victoria Beckham

Prior to her attorneys purportedly confirming that she had undergone a breast job changing her from a 34A to a 34DD, Victoria Beckham originally insisted that she was “totally natural.” She claimed to be “totally natural, save from my fingernails, and I have a little help with my hair and some St Tropez going on” at the time. It took VB till 2014 before she finally admitted that she had had the implants removed during surgery.

2.Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall

Reality TV actress Alicia claims to have spent £1 million on 350 different plastic surgery treatments. During an appearance on This Morning last year, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant urged surgeons to do more to “guard vulnerable females.

“Alicia, who underwent her first surgery when she was 17 years old, said she would “slap the surgeon around the face” if she could during a conversation with Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden.

“Without surgery, I would not have had any. I can’t believe I was so credulous to take their word for it “She spoke.

1.Pete Burns

Pete Burns

1980s pop icon Since he initially entered the charts, Pete Burns has lost any resemblance.

The celebrity previously admitted to his passion of plastic surgery to Reveal magazine: “I also have regular peels and Botox. I once won £450,000 in damages after a botched surgery. It’s a habit I’ll never break.

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