The Most Bizarre Things Ever Caught By Airport Security

Traveling is stressful, and even if we resent the airport’s strict security guidelines, we must recognise that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does a great job of keeping us secure.
You won’t believe some of the things they’ve seen, on top of dealing with rowdy travellers. Check out some of the most absurd items travellers have attempted to carry. You might even have a whole new admiration for the TSA!

10.Snakes in Flight

This wine has a bite, so use caution! You may see a cobra and a scorpion relaxing within the bottle if you look closely. Can you image if they went loose? We truly hope that this glass bottle was tightly sealed and did not break during transit. It would resemble the movie Snakes in a Plane exactly.
Since neither animal was alive or on the endangered species list, both creatures technically are allowed in checked baggage, but we have to question who brought this with them?
Why Did They Do That? Why would somebody feel the need to bring this weapon to the airport? They may have been travelling to Comin-Con.


Airport Animal Smugglers Busted in L.A. and Miami - ABC News
Nobody enjoys being pulled over for a pat down. The worst are them. Especially when they are unwelcome guests and are greeted by birds like these, we can guess that TSA agents don’t appreciate it too.

These miserable birds were discovered tied to the breast and leg of a woman flying to China, wrapped in socks. We enquire as to her strategy regarding the birds. She was ultimately detained after being suspected of importing an endangered species, a major offence.

8.Prepared for combat

TSA agents in Baltimore find an unusual souvenir from Kuwait: a missile  launcher | CNN
Is this a brand-new trend in rock that we’re not aware of? Perhaps they intended to perform for the passengers and crew while dressed as a gladiator. Seems a little improbable. What on earth were these blades doing concealed inside a guitar case?
Even though they resemble artefacts more than weapons, carry-on luggage is still not allowed to contain them. Did this passenger truly believe they could pass through TSA with these?

7.Ancient Weapons

10 Crazy Things People Tried To Smuggle Past Airport Security

Wow! These have been used by Vikings in movies and television productions, and they appear lethal. Maces appear fairly intimidating when they are in use.

The TSA considers this to be a weapon and therefore cannot be transported in carry-on luggage, despite the fact that it appears to be made of rubber rather than stone or metal and that we are unsure if it is a toy. Therefore, regrettably, you will have to temporarily do without your mace.

6.With a 10-foot pole, I wouldn’t touch you.

Sometimes you have to travel with your equipment if you’re an athlete. Try bringing pole vault poles if carrying baseball bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs isn’t already a hassle. These pole vault poles required the assistance of a few TSA personnel for screening, but it turns out that checked luggage is acceptable for them.
Make sure to notify your airline in advance that you will be bringing them because they are big. Just be cautious not to carry these through the airport if you know someone there.

5.Freddy Krueger reportedly flies on commercial airlines frequently.

You cannot bring a glove with knives for fingers onboard a plane in your carry-on, even if it is only a prop and not sharp.

4.Shark Mask

Although it’s not against the rules to bring a shark mask like this, don’t be shocked if they ask you to remove it.Passengers typically won’t be permitted to use it when passing through security checks because it’s simpler to authenticate your identity without it on.


Even though this tiny gun appears to be too small for anyone to notice, the TSA’s rules nevertheless apply to it. It must be packed in accordance with TSA regulations because it fires live ammunition. Furthermore, even if it weren’t real, this gun would still appear realistic enough to be prohibited from being carried on a plane.

2.Gaint scissor

The Instagram page’s agent claims that little sewing scissors are acceptable even though these enormous scissors were not. However, because some people claimed to have had theirs seized, that one appears to be a little more up to the agent’s discretion than other products. Therefore, it’s a game of chance.

1.Live Fish

She had to be walking with a waddle! One woman attempted to smuggle tropical fish through Melbourne’s airport in those bags. Security was notified by the strange sway of her skirt.

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