Melissa Archer Fires Back at the Agent Who Told Her She Was “Too Fat”

For an actress, Hollywood may be a challenging place to work because the industry frequently seems to value appearances more than talent. Daytime television personality Melissa Archer also shared a time when she was told “No” and didn’t listen on Twitter.

She admitted, “I once had an agent warn me that I was too overweight at a size four and all I could hope for was the homely friend roles. “I fired that agent, found managers who believed in me, found a new agent, and landed a main part on a TV show for more than ten years. What the hell do people think? #DoYou.”

Of course, she was best known for portraying the vivacious Natalie Buchanan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 2001 until the soap opera’s demise in 2011, as well as its brief online resuscitation in 2013. In addition, Archer had a successful run as Serena Mason on the NBC soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES from 2014 to 2015.

She has made appearances on the web series YOUTHFUL DAZE, THE BAY, and BEACON HILL. The actress has lately revealed that she and Jessica Morris, an OLTL cast member and friend, have developed a new film called Web of Deceit in which they both star!
When questioned by a fan if this specific agent was still active, Archer answered categorically: “No.” And to be completely honest, it doesn’t surprise us! You shouldn’t treat your customers that way!

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