Bella Thorne says people call her ‘controversial’ because she’s a woman

Bella Thorne is perplexed as to why people consider her “controversial.”

The former star of the Disney Channel show “Shake It Up” spoke out this week in an interview with Marlowe Stern of The Daily Beast about why that title is unfairly applied to her.

I have not been detained. I’m not acting improperly, she insisted. “I am a woman, of course, and that absolutely influences everything,” she said.

The 24-year-old continued, “If I post in a bikini, it’s ‘She’s a slut,’ but if a man posts shirtless on a beach, it’s ‘Fuck yeah, buddy. “If a man posts every other day with a different women, it’s ‘Fuck yeah, buddy, keep getting that pussy,’ but if I’m in a three-year relationship, and then break up, it’s a different story.

and then enter another three-year relationship, people start to think Bella Thorne is a h****. Observe her. “I’m thinking, what? My entire life has been spent in long-term relationships.
Pans=xual Thorne has been seeing Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo since the beginning of 2019. In 2021, the couple made their engagement public.

Thorne claimed she had “always” been aware of s=xist double standards in an interview with Insider from last year. This is especially true given her upbringing in the spotlight.

“Oh Bella, you’re trying to really break out of your Disney image,’ I think a lot of people say. You got quite s=xual. You strive to be s=xual and make everyone realise how s=xy you are,'” she told Callie Ahlgrim, a music reporter.

“And I simply say, “No, it’s called maturing.” When you last saw me, I was 12 years old; today, I am 23.”

Added her: “Imagine your children were the centre of attention at home. Do you really believe that would be any different? I can promise you that nothing would change.”

Thorne did mention one factor that would make her controversial: her involvement with the adult film industry. She directed the pornographic movie “Her & Him” in 2019, although Thorne claimed that the goal of the project was to eradicate the stigma associated with the sector.

She told The Daily Beast, “I have a lot of friends who work in the s=x business, and it breaks my heart to see them suffer.” These people are my buddies.

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