Meghan Markle tells Larry King she was ‘terrified’ of s-x scene in Suits

In the wake of the devastating news, the interview that the broadcasting great conducted with Meghan Markle when she was a TV actress has suddenly surfaced. When asked to name his favorite moment from the TV show Suits, her co-star Patrick J. Adams revealed that it was a scene in which his character engaged in an intimate moment with the future Duchess of Sussex.

What was your favourite sequence to shoot together, a fan enquired? Where do you think the characters will be in five years? “I feel like describing the closing scene of last season where we got really intimate in a file room at the office,” Mr. Adams said to the host.

It was a sex scene, and it was the release of a lot of suppressed feelings. It was what viewers expected to see from Mike and Rachel (their characters), and it took place in a file room, Meghan joked.

Patrick remarked: “It was my favourite scene since it also made me feel the most frightened. “We had never done something like that, so we were afraid. Not only was there a sexual scene in a file room, which is enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but shortly before it, a lot of the show’s emotional events came to a head. The Duchess concurred that it had been “terrifying” for her as well and was something she had never done in her professional career.

If the show ran for another five years, Mr. King questioned if the characters would get married. I can only assume that’s what they’re going to work for, Meghan said in response. Patrick continued, saying that his character would eventually need to earn a law degree.

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