The man was lying in bed with his wife 

the man was lying in bed with his wife  they were both tired after a long day and the  

woman told him I think I’ll just read before bed  the man was a little disappointed but decided that  

he would also start reading took his favorite  book and begin to read after after a while he  

reached out to the woman pull his hand in her  panties and and begin to play with her thing  

for a while the woman was a slightly surprised but  enjoyed the feeling when the man suddenly removed  

his fingers and continued reading confused the  woman looked at the man but since he didn’t even  

notice her she also continued reading after  a couple of minutes he put his hand in her  

panties again and started playing with her thing  the woman stopped reading and was enjoying this  

feeling then again the man suddenly stopped now  the woman got angry and said listen if you’re  

going to a start like this and play with me then  at least finish the job now the man looked at her  

and said my fingers are very dry and I need  to wet them so I can turn the page [Music]

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