Marvel Antman star Evangeline Lilly says she rallied against vaccine mandates

The Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly has revealed that she protested the imposition of vaccine requirements in the US during a rally last weekend.

I was pro-choice before COVID and I am still pro-choice today, Lilly wrote to her Instagram followers as the Wasp in the massive comic book franchise.

“I was in DC this weekend to support body sovereignty while Canadian truckers were rallying for their cross-country, nonviolent convoy in support of the same thing,” she wrote alongside black and white photos from the event in the US capital.

“I think that no one should ever be made to have an injection into their body against their consent.”

The Canadian actress said that people who refuse vaccinations shouldn’t be threatened with expulsion from society, loss of employment, or arrest.

Finally, Lilly said: “Not in this manner. This is dangerous. This is not wholesome. It is not love, this. I recognise that there is fear in the world, but I don’t think using force to combat that fear would help us solve our problems.”

When the pandemic was at its worst, the actress caused controversy by declaring she would neither isolate herself or avoid social situations; she later apologised for her remarks.

Simu Liu, a fellow Marvel celebrity and the franchise’s Shang-Chi, tweeted separately immediately after she had posted, stating: “I lost my grandparents to COVID last year. They were still awaiting their immunizations. Fortunately, I had received two vaccinations and a booster shot before contracting COVID two weeks ago. felt frigid in nature.

The media must stop emphasising viewpoints that are unsupported by evidence or science.


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