Rubi Rose says she is willing to date a men who makes less money but he must…

Rubi Rose maintains that she wasn’t disparaging Nicki Minaj.

The Atlanta rapper was asked about her personal relationships and the traits she values in a partner during a recent visit on the Big Facts podcast. When Rubi stated that she wanted a partner who was dependable, kind, encouraging, and constant, host DJ Scream expressed his scepticism.

With a chuckle, he added, “That ain’t all.” That can’t be the entire story.

She said, “Of course, there are some other things.” “Chocolate, tall, and preferably [makes] more money than me” are some of my preferences.

Suppose they don’t. Regarding the latter preference, DJ Scream inquired.

Then, she added, “we can figure it out.” “Of course I’ll help, but I don’t want to be the dominant male in the relationship. Though I will. I can tell Nicki Minaj is content.
Immediately after the tape from the forthcoming episode went viral on social media, several people accused Rubi of disrespecting Nicki and her husband, Kenneth Petty. Later, Rubi clarified her remarks on social media, saying she was simply using Nicki as an illustration of how a woman can earn more than her boyfriend and still be content.

I’m merely speaking off the top of my head. I need to relax. But please stop, I never aim to be sneaky or unpleasant,” she remarked in an Instagram story.

In the comments section, Rubi—who had previously identified Nicki as her preferred rapper—clarified what she had said.

She wrote, “I didn’t mean it in any way that was offensive. You can have a nice relationship with a man who earns less than you, I was just suggesting. Next, I’ll mention Britney Spears.

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