Man asked his wife if she noticed something different – FUNNY JOKE

A man had always dreamt of having  a pair of real cowboy boots.  

One day he sees a pair on  sale, decides to treat himself  

and walks proudly back home in his new boots.  

He enters the house and asks his wife, ‘Do  you notice anything different about me?’  

The wife looks him up and down  and says that she doesn’t.  

Frustrated, the husband locks himself  in the bathroom, takes off his clothes  

and comes back completely naked but  still wearing his cowboy boots.  

He says to his wife, ‘And NOW do  you notice something different?’  

The wife looks at him again and  says, ‘What’s different darling?  

It droops today, drooped yesterday and  it will still be drooping tomorrow.  

Furious, the husband cries out, ‘And do you  know why my penis is drooping? It’s drooping  

because it’s admiring my new cowboy boots!’ The wife thinks for a moment and replies,  

‘Well in that case, maybe you  should have bought a new hat.’

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