Lisa came Bought the Magic D1ldo.

While on a visit to the s*x shop, a young woman named Lisa came across a product advertised as the Magic D1ldo.

She brought the item to the shopkeeper to ask about it.

“Ah yes”, he said, “this one is voice activated. You just put the batteries in, and say the words ‘Magic D1ldo-‘ and wherever you want it to go!”

Quite intrigued, Lisa paid for the Magic D1ldo and brought it home to her small apartment.

Inserting the batteries, she felt silly holding a voice activated D1ldo, so as a test, she quietly stated: “Magic D1ldo, the bed”.

The Magic Dildo shot up onto the air and flew across the room, landing softly on the bed with a gentle whir.

The young woman excitedly removed her clothes, got on the bed with her new toy and whispered “Magic D1ldo- my pu$$y.”

The Magic Dildo gave a whir and slid effortlessly inside, vibr@ting and pulsating. Lisa m0aned with ple@sure as the Magic D1ldo hit all the right spots.

After a few minutes of pure bliss, Lisa came with an 0rgasm that shook the entire bed. Toes curled and screaming in ecstasy, she felt the Magic Di1do’s whirring intensify.

Wave after wave and 0rg@sm after 0rg@sm left Lisa screaming and drenched with sweat and other fluids. She wanted to stop but realized she couldn’t get a grip on the Magic Di1do to pull it out.

“Magic Di1do STOP! MAGIC D1LDO NO MORE!” The Magic Di1do wasn’t listening.

Lisa struggled to get somewhat dressed, and crawled back to her car. 0rgasming over and over again she drove as best she could back to the s*x shop for help, but her erratic driving caught the attention of a traffic cop, who pulled her over.

“Please!” She screamed before the officer could even say a word, “I am not drunk! I have a Magic Di!do, I can’t get it out!”

The policeman laughed, “Magic Di1do- My @ss”

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