Lily James says playing Pamela Anderson messed with her mental health

Since Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee made their Star+ debut, many of us have gained a deeper understanding of their heated and problematic relationship, especially in light of the online leak of a pornographic video of the couple. The series, which stars Sebastian Stan and Lily James, has received much praise for both the acting and the plot itself and may soon be nominated for an Emmy.

A large portion of this success can be attributed to the couple’s performance, who gave of themselves and embraced the roles, creating a series that grips us, as well as the metamorphosis and characterization, which rendered the two strikingly similar to the well-known originals. However, Lily James recently said that the process of becoming Pamela Anderson was extremely difficult for her mental health and nearly led her to pass out.

The process was “so messed up,” James told The Mirror. “All you need to do is practise self-compassion. You’re exhausted and the hours seem to last forever. It feels like you got shot in the nervous system. The 33-year-old actress recalled, “I felt like a real mess at the end of it. There was no rest off-screen as I got into character so much that I couldn’t separate my business life from my home life.

James remembered, “I felt like I needed to keep it back a little bit, so I strolled about with a blonde wig.” “The gap between us was too great to swing back and forth. I was forced to spend much of my time hanging around in the midst of no man’s land with Lily and Pamela. I could easily adopt her voice. I would always identify as American, even when I went out to eat and placed my order with the server or called my mother. I believe I’ve lost a lot of jobs because I constantly sound like Pamela during job interviews.

Lily has previously discussed the Pamela Anderson makeover, recalling how she had to get up at three in the morning every day for a four-hour cosmetic procedure that included a chest plate, tanning bed, and wig. “I have never before done anything where I have a completely different appearance from myself. And I really want to keep going in that direction because I thought it was extremely liberated and empowering,” she added. “That inspired a certain amount of fearlessness. a bravery that resulted from…disappearing.

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