Why Laura Prepon injected herself with hormones

Laura Prepon had to learn the hard way to accept herself for who she is.

The 35-year-old actress admitted to injecting herself with hormones because she “was so desperate to appear a certain way.” She learned to embrace her body through the experience, just like her “Orange Is the New Black” castmates do, even if the procedure “ultimately just ended up backfiring.”

Having such stunning, seductive women on my show is one of my favourite aspects. Incredibly, this show really does promote positive self-image,” Prepon stated in a Wednesday interview with AOL. They just seem to accept every curve and say, “Yeah, this is my body.” The best self-image is this.

Prepon will return for the fourth season of the programme, which premieres on Netflix in June, but in the meanwhile, the co-author of the new health book “The Stash Plan” is offering dietary advice.

The 21-day strategy detailed in the book, which Prepon co-wrote with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, “your body wants to be a lean, mean machine,” she said. “If you consider factors like the survival of the fittest. Naturally, you lose weight when you follow this regimen and truly start to get your body functioning properly.

“Weight reduction is a result of your body improving and performing properly, which is a great thing,” she continued. “It’s in our DNA, in our genetic mock-up.”

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