Laura Prepon Explains How ‘Mom Guilt Is Still an Issue’

Moms everywhere are aware. With her acting profession and cookware line, Laura Prepon has a lot of responsibilities, and juggling them all while being a parent can be challenging at times.

A timeline of Laura Prepon and Ben Foster’s relationship
The That ’70s Show actress said exclusively to Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 15, “The work-life balance is hard.” “You want to be at home with your children, but then you think, “I should be at work,” when you are with them. The guilt of being a mother is still a problem.

In 2017, the 42-year-old entrepreneur of PrepOn kitchen and her 41-year-old actor husband Ben Foster welcomed a daughter, Ella. In 2020, the couple also had a boy, but they chose not to reveal his name to the world.

The mother of two revealed that other endeavours, including directing a new Netflix series, will need “very long” hours, pushing her multitasking skills once more as she talked about her new partnership with Vitalite, a plant-based cheese substitute.

I definitely have to strike a balance between job life and motherhood, said Prepon. “I’m sure parents have been juggling that for a very, very long time, but that type of balance is absolutely difficult.”

We have a terrific family dynamic, she said, so you figure it out. We are grateful. We’ll figure things out, but being apart from them when I’m at work is certainly the hardest part. Sometimes, the guilt is simply too much.

Prepon said it “simply depends” on how the Orange Is the New Black actress and her spouse divide up the parenting duties.

She said, “He and I constantly have a chat together about social media with our kids and any time anything is being presented with the kids. “Once more, no criticism—we’re all trying our hardest! However, for us, it’s always a family matter. We talk about how we’re going to manage the home life when one of us is at work.

That ’90s Show, another upcoming endeavour by the author of The Stash Plan, will take up a lot of her time, but she can’t wait to introduce the audience to the new Netflix reboot.

“I love it. Prepon, who gained notoriety as Donna Pinciotti on the original FOX series, revealed that all the sets were the same. “I cried when I initially arrived there. It was such a wonderful time in my life, and I’m simply thinking, “The nostalgia is so intense.” I eagerly anticipate seeing it in public. I believe they’re going to enjoy it a great deal.

Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Topher Grace, Wilmer Valderrama, Debra Jo Rupp, and Kurtwood Smith will all reprise their original roles in the Netflix series that will be based on the That ’70s Show. Leia (Callie Haverda), who is visiting for the summer, will be looked after by the Forman parents in the new series.

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