Ana De Armas is disgusted over her n-de scenes in ‘Blonde’

Ana De Armas, a Cuban-Spanish actor, is appreciative of all the praise she has received for her acting abilities, but the young actress, who once again played Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood legend, has other concerns.

The actress expressed her earlier disappointment at the movie “Blonde” receiving an NC-17+ rating from the censors. She is aware that her naked movie moments will circulate online and become popular, and she finds the whole situation repulsive. It will be available on Netflix.

On September 28, this movie will be available on Netflix, and a select theatres will also show it.

According to Ana De Armas, she performed any risky parts for Andrew and Marilyn Monroe in the film.

At Cannes, she received a fourteen-minute standing ovation.
The film’s critics have been quite candid about Armas’ performance and have praised her for perfectly portraying Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s voice made her stand out as a person because no one could possibly look like her. Her Monroe voice impersonation was flawless. According to Variety Film Critic Owen Gleiberman, in “Blonde,” Ana de Armas transforms into Marilyn Monroe.

The movie Blonde had its international premiere on September 8 at the Venice Film Festival and a constrained theatrical release in the US on September 16, 2022. On September 28, the movie will be accessible on Netflix.

According to Ana De Armas, she created this film because she considered it to be a gift that transformed her life. The movie explores Norma Jean’s traumatic upbringing, celebrity, and superstardom as Marilyn Monroe.

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