Joey King said because of her appearance, she is frequently “underestimated or overlooked” in Hollywood.

Joey King has worked in numerous big-budget blockbuster movies since landing her first main part at the age of nine.

The 23-year-old has added a “girl next door” element to her impressive work history, which, unfortunately, has frequently left her feeling underappreciated in Hollywood. She has played everything from a scared-out girl in The Conjuring to a terrified girl in the Kissing Booth movies to her Emmy-nominated role in the acclaimed limited series The Act.

Joey, who was born in Los Angeles, said that based on how she appears and handles herself, people have preconceived ideas about who she is as a person. The celebrity claims in an interview with The Independent, “Because of how I look.

I’m really polite to everyone, thus I believe I’m frequently taken for granted or ignored in a way that makes me feel like, “Guys? Please don’t do that! I’m here, precisely this way!

Joey, one of Hollywood’s most promising young stars, is surely eager to demonstrate her on-screen fierceness and show what else she can offer viewers with her new film Bullet Train, which is currently playing in theaters, but not because she has to at all. Joey plays the wicked and cunning Prince in the action comedy, which is based on the novel by Ktar Isaka. Prince is one of the hired murderers on conflicting missions on board a train across Japan.

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