Jennifer Connelly talks about s-x scene with Tom Cruise in Top Gun

After several years of long waiting, it’s finally released. Top Gun: Maverickwhere again Tom Cruise plays Pete Mitchell. In this film our hero has a love interest with Penny Benjamin, a single mother who owns a bar. This character is played by actress Jennifer Connelly.

Recently the famous gave an interview to Variety where he talked about some aspects of the film that stars alongside Tom Cruise as a s-x scene that appears in Top Gun: Maverick.

“We focus on the intimacy of how they fit into each other’s lives. I think those characters have a very tender relationship, the way she understands it. They share a moment in bed talking, and she says as much about their relationship as the s-x scene from earlier. They clearly have some unresolved issues between them, and she handles it with humor and joy. I feel like she is someone who is positive and moving towards happiness.”

On the other hand, the actress gave details about another scene in which she must have been on a boat. The sequence had its difficulties at the time of recording due to waves and wind.

“We were on a boat shooting in San Francisco; It was incredibly windy, with big waves. The boat was at an impossible angle, moving so fast, and we had to play the scene at the same time. She was so paranoid that she was going to forget something with all those distractions. I found myself standing on the coffee table in my living room, practicing with my kids spraying water on me and blowing on me as I went over my lines.”

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