James McAvoy and his sister Joy doing s-xu-l scenes together in a movie

James described how uncomfortable it was to film scenes with his sister in a recent interview with the Daily Record, saying, “Not in my wildest dreams did I think my sister and I would be performing the same job, much alone sharing a screen, let alone me sexually assaulting her.”

Thank goodness, I didn’t need to kiss her, touch her, or do anything similar. But it was a little strange. Only because I couldn’t stop smiling was it difficult. I was the one acting improperly. I thought, “Yeuch.”

Joy plays a tiny role in the movie, despite the fact that James plays the protagonist; she is sexually harassed by James’ character Bruce Robertson, which makes for an unpleasant moment for the actor.

The 1998 novel Filth chronicles the tale of Bruce, an unethical police officer who also happens to be a cocaine addict with a sex problem.

Bruce is a racist and a sexist in addition to having a continual urge for sex and violence.

The story of his fall from grace within the police department and his meddling in the personal affairs of his coworkers is told in the book.

Bell, who starred in Billy Elliot, portrays Ray Lennox, Bruce’s teenage sidekick, while Imogen Poots plays Amanda.

17 years have passed since the release of another Irvine adaption, Filth. The movie Trainspotting was a great hit and made Ewan McGregor a household name.

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