Rose Leslie str-ps n-ked with Helene Yorke for shower s-x scenes

The Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie’s lesbian s-x scenes have been photographed and made public by The Good Fight, a spin-off of The Goof Wife. Leslie, who played Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) love interest in Game of Thrones, is a young lawyer in the new show, and she frequently appears with her lover in raunchy scenes.


In the United States on Sunday night for the series premiere, Rose will disrobe for a scene in the shower with Helene Yorke (Amy Breslin).


As she shares a passionate moment with her love interest, Rose, who plays Maia Rindell, appears to lose herself in the moment.

The long-term couple was shown getting close and personal in the confines of a hot shower on Sunday’s CBS programme, as well as fully n*de in bed with Maia resting her head on Amy as they looked into one other’s eyes.

In another, the couple can be seen snuggling on a bed just before exchanging kisses.

Leslie and Kit Harington had a romantic relationship in real life. They became romantically involved after meeting while playing on-screen lovers in Game of Thrones.

Because the place [Iceland] is gorgeous, the Northern Lights are spectacular, and it was there that I fell in love, Harington explained to L’Uomo Vogue about finding love on set.


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