Hillbilly Honeymoon

Up in the hill country, Jethro and Daisy Mae get hitched and go off to Niagara Falls for a week-long honeymoon. But just two days latter, Jethro comes through the door of his father’s house in a lather.

His Pappy asks him, “Boy, why you home so early? You got another 5 days on your honeymoon?”

Jethro: “I’m mad as hell, I can’t be married to her any longer. I need a divorce.”

Pappy: “A divorce??? Why???”

Jethro: “She’s a virgin!!!”

Pappy: “What, boy??? What’s the matter with that???”

Jethro: “Hell, Pappy… if she ain’t good enough for her own family, she sure as hell ain’t good enough for ours!!!”

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