Friday, September 29, 2023

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Genius Cheaters Who Deserve A+ For Their Creativity

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It is wrong to cheat. But everything has a positive aspect. Making study notes is effectively the same as creating a cheat sheet, and once you’ve done that, you’re already more than halfway there. That’s a well-known school hack. To ace every test question also demands a lot of ingenuity, which is frequently more helpful in real life than the topic you are cheating in. Someone once had the brilliant notion to swap out the posters in my French classroom for the verb conjugations needed for the test that day. My claim to fame—though undoubtedly less charitable—was mastering the Braille alphabet so that I could illegibly type down arithmetic and chemistry formulas on my desk.

We at Bored Panda have produced this list of those who hacked how to cheat on a test and who, maybe, just maybe, deserve a decent mark for their inventiveness in honour of the smart delinquents like myself. How do you feel? Vote for the most creative cheater below, or provide photos of your dishonest strategy for acing the test if you have any!

1.Best Hack Using Hand

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Best Hack Ever

2.Taking Cheating To A Whole New Level

Taking Cheating To A Whole New Level

3.Using Bottle For Cheating

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New Cheating Level

4. Hats off for this Talented Student who use her Nails for cheating

Nailed The Exam

5.Some Pro Level Cheater

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Cheating Level: Expert

6. You can call this a Ring of Knowledge

Ring Of Knowledge

7.What a Nail Art

Impressive Nail Art

8. Band Aid of Cheating

The Band-aid Method

9.If you are attending chemistry exam than you need these Sneakers

You Need These

10. And in Last The Goddess of Cheating

Test Cheating Level: Expert

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