Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh! Part#2

Joke No 1 :

During a job interview the interviewer meticulously examined the application form filled out by the prospective employee he noticed something interesting and slightly unusual in the application this peak his curiosity looking up from the form he addressed the candidate who sat expectantly across from him I see under application here that you’ve indicated ASAP as the date you’re available to start working with us he said pointing to the specific part on the form that’s quite clear and straightforward however I’m a bit puzzled by something else The interviewer’s Gaze then shifted to another section of the form in the salary expectations area you written down a map I have to admit I’m not quite sure what that abbreviation means the job applicant replied ah that stands for as much as possible.

Joke No 2

A young and ambitious business executive was just about to finish his work and leave the office late in in the evening as he was gathering his things he noticed the chief executive officer CEO of the company standing by a document shredder the CEO had a piece of paper in his hand this is an extremely sensitive and vitally important document the CEO said with a sense of urgency in his voice and unfortunately my personal assistant has already left for the evening would you be able to make this work for me absolutely responded the young executive he approached the shredder turned it on carefully fed the paper into it and pressed the start button the machine word to life taking the document into its jaws I’ve standing work I really appreciate your help said the CEO I just need one copy.

Joke No 3

A construction site Supervisor was dealing with 10 workers who were known for being lazy he wanted to find a way to get them to do some work so he came up with a clever idea to motivate them one day he gathered all the workers and said to them today I have a really simple task and it’s perfect for the laziest man here he had asked who among you is the laziest man show me by raising your hand hearing this nine of the workers quickly raised their hands the supervisor looked around and noticed that one worker hadn’t raised his hand this worker was just standing there doing nothing as usual curious the supervisor asked this worker why didn’t you raise your hand like the others the worker replied raising my hand seemed like too much effort.

Joke No 4

a manager found himself in a tricky situation when he was caught in an elevator that had stopped working between floors he tried to get someone’s attention by making a lot of noise fortunately after some persistent baning he was able to draw the attention of people outside once they realized he was stuck they asked for his name and assured him that help would be on its way to get him out of this uncomfortable position the manager waited as he stood alone in the elevator As Time passed he checked his watch frequently counting the minutes and in the hours finally after what felt like an eternity the elevator mechanic arrived it took some time for the mechanic to diagnose the problem and then carry out the necessary repairs to get the elevator moving again the manager felt a great sense of relief when the elevator finally started moving and reached his intended floor stepping out of the elevator he quickly made his way back to his office when he reached his desk he found a note left by the secretary it read the elevator people called and will be here in 2 hours.

Joke No 5

there was a store owner who felt really upset because a new store just like his opened right next to his shop this new store put up a big sign saying best teals then the store owner became even more unhappy when another store opened on the same street this store had an even bigger sign that said lowest prices the store owner started to worry a lot he thought his store might might not do well with these two new stores attracting all the customers he wondered what he could do to make his store stand out and attract customers too after thinking for a while he came up with a smart idea he decided to put up his own sign but he wanted it to be different so he put up the biggest sign of all of his store this sign read main entrance.

Joke No 6

On his very first Safari Adventure in the jungle a visitor from America felt extremely sure of himself and is a ility to deal with any kind of tough situation that might come up he approached the local guide who had a lot of experience in navigating the jungle and said with a bit of arrogance I’ve read that if I have a torch with me it will keep the Lions away the guide who had heard many things from tourists before nodded and responded that’s correct however it really depends on how quickly you move with that torch.

Joke No 7

Two friends were walking through the woods enjoying their hike when out of nowhere they stumbled upon a huge grizzly bear the bear looked big and intimidating and the two hikers were scared one of the guys thinking quickly decided to change his Footwear he took off his heavy hiking boots in their place he put on a pair of running shoes he had in his back back these shoes were lighter and would allow him to move faster seeing this his friend was puzzled and bit worried he said to his buddy what are you doing do you really think that’s going to help you know how fast grizzly bears can they can run incredibly fast much faster than any human you’re not going to be able to outrun that bear no matter what shoes you’re wearing the friend who had changed into running shoes looked at his hiking partner and replied with a calm yet serious tone I don’t need to outrun the bear I just need to outrun you.

Joke No 8

One day a man found himself in urgent need to catch a train to the city in his hurry he ran up to a nearby Farmhouse and banged loudly on the door hoping someone inside could could help him a farmer answered the door he looked a bit surprised to see a stranger in such a rush the man quickly asked the farmer I need to get to the nearest train station as fast as possible can you tell me where it is and when the next train to the city leaves the farmer thought for a moment and then replied one we can take a shortcut through my field over there that should get you to the station in time to catch the 520 train to the city the man was relieved to hear this and thanked the farmer but just as he was about to run off the farmer added something more the farmer said but you should know if my bull sees you you’ll probably make it by 5:00.

Joke No 9

there once was a ship captain who always carried a mysterious black box with him whenever he walked around the ship the black box was always in his hand or close by the crew on the ship was very curious about what was inside they asked the captain many times but he never gave them an answer this made the crew even more curious as time went on the crew couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the Box they would often guess and make up stories about what could be inside some thought it might be a secret map to treasure others guessed it was a lucky charm to keep the ship safe and some even believed it could be a letter from a long lost love the mystery of the Black Box became a popular topic among the crew then one day while the ship was sailing a huge storm came out of nowhere the wind was very strong and it make huge waves that rock the ship back and forth the crew worked hard to keep the ship safe but the storm was too powerful during the storm a big wave hit the ship and washed over the deck unfortunately the wave was so strong that it swept the captain overboard the crew tried to find him but he was gone lost to the Sea After the Storm passed and the Sea calmed down one of the sailors remembered the captain’s mysterious black box the Sailor thought that maybe the Box had something important that could help them now that the captain was gone so we went to the captain’s cabin found the box and brought it out to the rest of the crew all the crew members gathered around eager to finally see what was inside the box that had been a mystery for so long the Sailor opened the box carefully inside there was only one thing a small piece of paper the Sailor took out the paper and read what was written on it the note said starboard is Right Port is left.

Joke No 10 :

A woman walks into her bathroom to see her husband sucking in his stomach. “You know that won’t help you lose weight,” she says.
“I know that,” says the husband. “But it will help me see the numbers.”

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