Funny Joke ‣ The Heist

Paddy and Angus meet at their favourite bar.

Over their pints, Angus leaned in and said, “Does ye know what I did last night, eh?”

Paddy had no idea, and Angus said, “I’m a very rich man. I robbed a shop full of expensive pictures!”

Paddy was impressed. He said to Angus, ”Wow, that’s astonishing! When you sell ’em, give me some money too!”

Angus nodded laughingly, “Yes, of course,” and had another go at his beer.

Paddy thought for a bit, and he asked Angus, “How does ye know they were expensive?”

Angus replied, “Ah, well, they got price tags don’t they? Cheapest one was €180,000, wasn’t it? Picture of some house! Course they all were.”

Paddy thought deeply for a minute, and then said, “Angus, ye didn’t rob the real estate agent did ye?”