Debra Messing Said ‘Walk in the Clouds’ Director Forced Her to Do N@ked S-x Scene, Mocking Her Nose

On the set of her debut film, 1995’s A Walk in the Clouds, Debra Messing recently revealed how a director allegedly made disparaging remarks and humiliated her.

In remarks made earlier this week at the 2017 Makers conference, Messing said she had been informed there would be no nudity in the movie in which she costarred with Keanu Reeves. However, once she arrived on location, she learned that there would be one and brought up the subject with director Alfonso Arau.

Arau, according to Messing, became enraged when she questioned his choice and allegedly told her, “Your job is to go n@ked and say the lines. I’m done now. She was told to leave the room and you should be grateful to have this part.

Messing claimed that Arau approached her and covered her with a sheet as the sequence was being filmed. The sheet is dropped on top of me like a used Kleenex when he lifts it and looks at my bare body, according to Messing. “He goes away silently.”

In the end, the scene only revealed Messing’s bare back. She said that the entire situation was a power play or game. And the objective was to degrade me, take away my power, and cause me to physically sense his domination over me.

She claimed that in a different scenario, a close-up still of her nose made him angry. How soon can we get a plastic surgeon in here? he reportedly exclaimed, according to her. My movie is being ruined by her nose!

Messing claimed that after battling the shame she believed he had imposed on her, she is now confident and proud of her appearance. “My nose is quite powerful. The actress admitted, “I have little breasts. “I’m f—ing unique. Like Barbra Streisand, I’ve come a long way with my nose, and I’m definitely keeping it.

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