Edward Bernays: A Brief History Of The Man Who Brainwashed America

Edward Bernays, known as the father of public relations, had a significant influence on American advertising and consumer culture. He believed in the power of propaganda and employed controversial techniques that blurred the lines between effective advertising and brainwashing. Utilizing his uncle Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, Bernays understood how to manipulate the desires and opinions … Read more

“The Unthinkable: This is what the Ottoman Sultans did to White Slaves” Statement – The Devshirme System

The history of the Ottoman Empire is filled with tales of grandeur, conquest, and cultural exchange. However, amidst the splendor of its palaces and the power of its sultans lies a dark and often overlooked chapter: the enslavement of white Europeans. Delving into the unthinkable atrocities committed against white slaves by Ottoman sultans unveils a … Read more

Unveiling Vietnam: Wow Wonder Women Where Crazy Beauties Challenge Each Other in Fashion and Freedom!

Vietnam, a country known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is also a place where unexpected and intriguing events unfold. From unique cultural practices to rapid economic changes, here are some of the most fascinating and crazy things happening in Vietnam today. 1. Booming Coffee Culture Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in … Read more

This was the terrible LIFE of Japanese S3X SL4VES in World War 2

During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army orchestrated one of the most brutal and extensive systems of sexual slavery in modern history. Known as “comfort women,” these victims were forcibly conscripted from occupied territories and subjected to unimaginable horrors. The systematic abuse of comfort women remains a harrowing chapter in the annals of wartime … Read more

5 Creepy Things About S,exuality in the Middle Ages: Unveiling the Dark Side of Medieval I,ntimacy

The Middle Ages, often romanticized for its tales of chivalry and courtly love, also harbored a darker underbelly when it came to matters of sexuality. Behind the facade of medieval romance lay a world rife with superstition, repression, and unsettling practices. In this article, we uncover five creepy aspects of sexuality in the Middle Ages, … Read more

Top 6 destinations, where it is possible to rent a wife for some money

1. Iran Temporary Marriages (Sigheh): In Iran, temporary marriages known as “sigheh” or “mut’ah” are legal under Shia Islamic law. These marriages can last from a few hours to several years and provide a legal framework for short-term relationships. While legal and religiously sanctioned, they are controversial and can be seen as exploitative. 2.India Nata … Read more

“This Was the Life of a Peasant in the Middle Ages: ”Untold Story; Suffering and Actualities of Countryside in the Middle Ages”

The life of a peasant in the Middle Ages was marked by hard work, meager living conditions, and a rigid social structure. As the backbone of medieval society, peasants were essential to the agricultural economy, yet they often lived under harsh conditions with little reward for their labor. Let’s delve into the daily struggles and … Read more

15 Weird Things That Only Exist In North Korea…

Considering that North Korea — formally (and ironically) known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — is commonly referred to as a “hermit kingdom,” quite a lot is known about this reclusive, isolated nation of 25 million people. Its recent ballistic missile tests made headlines around the globe, as have the tirades of its … Read more

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