Shocking Thing Cheyenne Dog Soldiers Did to Captive Women in WILD WEST

The Cheyenne people originated in the Great Lakes region but were forced to migrate westward in the 1700s due to pressure from European settlers. During this migration, the Cheyenne society underwent significant reorganization, dividing into ten bands, with the Dog Soldiers comprising one of these bands.

The Dog Soldiers

The Dog Soldiers were a military society responsible for protecting the Cheyenne people and their territory. Known for their bravery, strength, and fierce loyalty, membership in the Dog Soldiers was highly selective, with only the most worthy warriors invited to join.

Captive Women and the Dog Soldier Society

Women captured in battle from enemy tribes often became members of the Dog Soldier society. These captive women were often adopted into the Dog Soldiers and treated as equals, given responsibilities such as caring for the camp and participating in ceremonies. Sometimes, captive women even became leaders within the Dog Soldier society.

Roles of Captive Women

In addition to their regular duties, captive women often served as healers, cooks, and caretakers of children within the Dog Soldier society. They were also responsible for performing ceremonial duties, including preparing the bodies of fallen warriors for burial and participating in religious rituals.

However, during periods of intense conflict and warfare, such as during the Indian Wars of the 19th century, the treatment of captive women could be harsher. They might be subjected to forced labor, physical abuse, or even sexual violence as acts of retribution or to assert dominance. The actions of the Dog Soldiers reflected the broader tumult and complexity of frontier warfare, where cultural clashes and survival often dictated harsh measures.

Impact of Captivity

Captivity had a profound impact on the lives of the women who were taken by the Dog Soldiers. Many of these women embraced their new lives within the Cheyenne tribe and became active and valued members of the Dog Soldier society. The experiences of these captive women provide insight into the complex social structures and traditions of the Cheyenne and the Dog Soldier society in particular.

Wild West Legends

The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers are a significant part of Wild West legends. Their bravery and strength are celebrated in stories and films, and their impact on the history of the American West is undeniable. Despite the challenges they faced, the Dog Soldiers remained a powerful force in the region, shaping the course of history and leaving a lasting legacy.

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