15 Most Terrifying Banned Products in North Korea

The North Korean pretrial detention and investigation system is arbitrary and lacks any semblance of due process, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Former detainees described systematic torture, dangerous and unhygienic conditions, and unpaid forced labor. The 88-page report, “‘Worth Less Than an Animal’: Abuses and Due Process Violations in Pretrial Detention … Read more

17 Most Brutal Punishments Of The Wild West

Don’t Lose Heart – The Sickening Execution of William Wallace The execution of Scottish national hero William Wallace was in reality even more lurid and brutal than depicted in Mel Gibson’s famous 1995 biopic. After he was proud of high treason at Westminster Hall on 23rd August 1305, Wallace was taken outside, stripped naked, attached … Read more

20 WEIRD Rules That Amish Women Have To Follow

The Amish community is known for its distinct lifestyle, marked by simplicity, humility, and a commitment to tradition. Within this community, Amish women follow a unique set of rules and customs that may seem unusual or even bizarre to outsiders. Here are 20 weird rules that Amish women adhere to, reflecting their dedication to faith, … Read more

Disney ban fake bre-sts in the next Pirates movie

Disney may be going au naturale for Pirates of the Caribbean: . The movie studio has banned actresses with artificial enhancements for the fourth Pirates installment, the New York Post reports.  Filmmakers sent out a casting call last week, according to the paper, seeking “beautiful female fit models. Disney may be going au naturale for Pirates … Read more

Costume Mistakes in Most Famous Movies

The British Navy Wasn’t Scarlet in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ The redcoats are on their way… a few decades early! Although the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie takes place in the 1720s, the renowned red coats were not issued to the British troops until 1747. The men continued to wear red, but it was … Read more

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