20 WEIRD Rules That Amish Women Have To Follow

The Amish community is known for its distinct lifestyle, marked by simplicity, humility, and a commitment to tradition. Within this community, Amish women follow a unique set of rules and customs that may seem unusual or even bizarre to outsiders. Here are 20 weird rules that Amish women adhere to, reflecting their dedication to faith, family, and community.

No Electricity: Amish women live without electricity, relying on kerosene lamps, wood stoves, and hand-powered tools. This rule emphasizes self-sufficiency and simplicity.

Modest Dress Code: Amish women wear plain, long dresses, usually made from dark fabric. Bright colors and patterns are avoided to maintain modesty and humility.

Head Coverings: Married Amish women wear white prayer coverings, while unmarried women wear black ones. This signifies their devotion to their faith and submission to God.

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No Jewelry: Amish women do not wear jewelry, including wedding rings. This practice reflects their belief in simplicity and avoiding vanity.

Handmade Clothing: All clothing is handmade, often sewn by the women themselves. This ensures adherence to their specific modesty standards.

No Haircuts: Amish women never cut their hair, believing it to be their “crowning glory.” They wear it in a bun, covered by a prayer cap.

No Makeup: Makeup and other beauty products are forbidden. Natural beauty is emphasized as part of their humble and simple lifestyle.

Limited Education: Amish girls typically receive formal education only until the eighth grade. Afterward, they focus on domestic skills and community responsibilities.

Traditional Gender Roles: Women are expected to manage the household, cook, clean, and raise children, while men handle farming and business tasks.

No Photographs: Amish women do not pose for photographs, as they believe it promotes vanity and goes against the biblical prohibition of graven images.

Restricted Technology Use: Even in communities with limited technology, Amish women avoid using telephones and other modern communication devices, sticking to face-to-face interactions.

Home Births: Most Amish women give birth at home with the assistance of midwives. Hospital births are rare and typically reserved for emergencies.

Simple Celebrations: Holidays and celebrations are kept simple and focused on religious observance, avoiding extravagant parties and decorations.

No Divorce: Divorce is forbidden in the Amish community. Women are expected to maintain their marriages and resolve conflicts within the family and church.

Daily Devotions: Amish women participate in daily prayers and Bible readings, often leading these activities within their families.

Community First: Individual desires and ambitions are secondary to the needs of the community. Women are expected to prioritize communal harmony and cooperation.

No Higher Education: Pursuing higher education or professional careers is discouraged for Amish women, as it is seen as contrary to their traditional roles.

Natural Remedies: Amish women use natural remedies and herbal medicine instead of modern pharmaceuticals, relying on traditional knowledge passed down through generations.

Child Discipline: Child-rearing practices are strict, with an emphasis on obedience and respect. Physical discipline is not uncommon, reflecting their belief in biblical teachings on child discipline.

Singing and Hymns: Music plays a significant role in Amish life, but it is strictly religious. Amish women sing hymns in German during church services and at home, avoiding secular music.

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