My friend thought I was lonely so he set me up on a blind date with a beautiful girl from his work. She had long dark hair. Amazing boobs that really complemented her hourglass waist and a peach of a booty.

The date went amazing, we shared lots of different interests and got on really well. She told me early on that she found me attractive.

After many drinks we agreed to continue the conversation at my place so I ordered a taxi and off we went. Few more glasses of wine a things moved to the bedroom.

We were kissing on the bed and my hands moved from her waist to her boobie area. She grabbed my hand and suddenly looked nervous. “I have a confession to make” she said. “I actually only have really small boobs. I put socks in my bra to make them look bigger”

I told her it wasn’t a problem but I also had a confession to make. “I’m sorry but I also must confess I have the penis of a baby” I told her. My voice full of shame.

She put her hand on my mine and told me it was ok. We started kissing again then I slowly removed her dress. I took off her bra and out popped the socks.

She then pulled down my pants.

Her eyes when wide with shocked, the air left her body and she started to tremble.

“Yo yo you ttttold me you ha ha hadd the penis of a baby” she said shaking.

“I do” I replied grabbing the monster. “8 pound 4 ounces”

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