All Animals Except For One Arrive

A plane is carrying one hundred bricks.

One falls out. How many are left on the plane? A: 99.

What are the three steps to putting a giraffe in a fridge?

Open the fridge, put the giraffe in, and close the fridge.

What are the four steps to putting an elephant in the fridge?

Open the fridge, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in, and close the fridge.

Today is the lion king’s birthday party.

All animals except for one arrive. Which animal is missing and why?

The elephant is missing because he is still stuck in the fridge.

Sally must cross an alligator-infested river in order to safely make it out of a huge jungle.

Usually, the alligators would kill any animal that approaches their waters.

However, Sally makes it across safely. Why?

All the alligators are at the lion king’s birthday party.

Unfortunately, Sally still dies. How did she die

She was hit in the head by a falling brick.

Hope this wasn’t already posted. it’s funnier when you say it out loud and wait for them to ask ‘what’


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