Alicia Vikander Didn’t Feel “Protected” Filming N-de Scenes

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At the age of 33, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander is well-known in Hollywood.

She was married to Michael Fassbender, another well-known actor, and received her first Oscar for the 2015 movie The Danish Girl. She has worked in a range of genres, including sci-fi (Ex-Machina), drama (The Light Between Oceans), and action (Tomb Raider).
Even though she is still quite young, Vikander has had a long career, and not all of it has been a source of fond memories. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Vikander was frank about how the technique of filming intimate scenes has changed over time—and for the better.

The Academy Award winner spoke about her experience, adding, “An intimate scene can’t be improvised; you have to create choreography and adhere to it. To perform those sequences is the worst thing imaginable. Although I have performed numerous nudi+y and s-x scenes and am quite at ease in my own skin, it is never simple.

Vikander believes that intimacy coordinators “should have existed at the beginning of my career.”

“I’ve been in bad circumstances where I didn’t feel protected,” she admitted. She recalled one time during a production in which “everyone was busy doing their own thing and, in the midst, you have an actor who sits there n-k-d for a couple of hours.”

And someone is expected to show up wearing a robe, but they fail to do so. It happens after,” said the “Green Knight” actor. “That was improper. I ought to have been taken care of.

The narrative of Vikander’s new HBO series “Irma Vep,” which is inspired on Olivier Assayas’ 1996 film of the same name, mentions intimacy coordinators. Assayas also created the remake.

The series is “so meta, it’s eating itself,” Vikander said. “I guess I played five different characters while I was making it… Similar to Chinese boxes, Always, something else is happening. I consider that to be the project’s attractiveness.

Alicia also talked on the disparity between Hollywood’s portrayal and reality. “It’s fun, of course, when people come and see us at a premiere dressed up and walking these carpets. But that is just the industry’s delusion, she continued.

The truth, according to her, is interest, enthusiasm, and a desire to create something. “For four months, a group of strangers work non-stop, 15-hour days, six days a week.”

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